Our core values

Learning & Fun
MindCrafters will learn through hands-on training in a fun-filled environment.
Empirical Education
Empirical education is a way of gaining knowledge by means of direct and indirect observation or experience.
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Children Safety
MindCrafters will be in a secure environment, under the supervision of well trained Ambassadors.
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Homely Environment
Our premises provide warm facilities for your child with feel safe and comfortable environments.

Python Power

Do you want your child to learn Python Programming Language? But do not know where to engage him/her? We are offering online classes for the “Python Programming Course” with reliable Computer Science teachers. Join our community now!

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Want to give your child the best online education? Don’t worry! Mind Craft Academy believes “Schools are CLOSED, Minds are NOT” and so we are offering a “Live Online Courses” with trained innovators for your child to have an experience of a lifetime!


Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy and fun to create interactive stories, games, and animations. If you want your child to learn scratch, but unsure where to begin? This is the greatest opportunity for them!

Our Programs


Art of paper folding

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Pixar 1.0

Digital Art

Learn more
Mos (0-00-08-17)
The Alchemy of Codes

Scratching for kids.

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Scratch or not to Scratch

Scratching Concepts

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Code App’ers

Innovating Apps

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The Martians of Science

Kool Science Projects

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Quantum eSTEAM

Mining eSTEAM

Learn more
JavaScript Kodiak 1.0

Javascript Game Genius

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Python Power

Basic Python

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Classes for All

Pre-K Program
3-5 y/o
Pre-K Program
5 – 7 y/o
7-12 y/o
13 – 16 y/o
Before/After School
3-16 y/o
Before/After School

Welcome to Mind Craft Academy where we place science in the palm of your hands! We have programs focusing on children from pre-kindergarten through 10th grade, we have created an innovative approach to Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Architecture and Mathematics (eSTEAM) that is fun, interactive, practical and most importantly educational. We set up a concrete understanding of eSTEAM for children, what it’s all around, and how it influences the world around them. When kids begin utilizing their creative energy for questions such as ‘Why is the sky blue?’ or ‘How do winged creatures fly?’ we are here to provide answers.

Full day sessions
Online classes
Practical education
Friendly environment

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We welcome you to join our open day program. We have these one day free programs for you and your children to exlpore Mind Craft.