Pixar 1.0

Art plays a more significant role in child development than you might think. Using art as a vehicle for expression is enriching because children can use it as a communication tool. Digital art follows the contemporary design and it enhances the overall impact of the artwork. It is designed using a computer rather than the more conventional art tools. The invention of the computer has been a boon to art and with the use of the computer, artists can create something that was not possible earlier.

Mind Craft®️ promotes an eSTEAM education and art is an indispensable sector of it. For our young artists, we introduced the course “Pixar 1.0” by which, your child will be able to discover his/her latent talent and turn their creativity into something phenomenal.

Starting Date: 21st of August.
Book your seats before 19th of August, 2020

Let your child “Stay Home and Stay Safe” and grab the opportunity, to unleash their creativity to the next level!

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