Welcome to Mind Craft !

Welcome to Mind Craft Academy where we place science in the palm of your hands! We have programs focusing on children from pre-kindergarten through 10th grade. We have created an innovative approach to Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Architecture and Mathematics (eSTEAM) that is fun, interactive, practical and most importantly educational. We set up a concrete understanding of eSTEAM for children, what it’s all around, and how it influences the world around them. When kids begin utilizing their creative energy for questions such as ‘Why is the sky blue?’ or ‘How do winged creatures fly?’ we are here to provide answers.

What we do ?

Mind Craft Academy is the first-ever truly and conceptually organized eSTEAM academy in Bangladesh. eSTEAM stands for Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Architecture, and Mathematics.
Each eSTEAM session comes with easy-to-follow instructions, lesson plans with assessments, and individually packed student kits and craft materials. Very little prep-work on the student’s part is required.
The materials included will take you from start to finish.
Our multi-session eSTEAM programs are led by highly trained teachers, ensuring a child-safe controlled environment, state of art facilities. Each of the classes is embedded with social skills for character building, chivalry, manners, and etiquette to make them a future responsible citizen.

Our Mission

We dream to create a community where students will be learning through their experiences through an introduction to various disciplines like Entrepreneurship, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Architecture, and Mathematics. Through these assortments of disciplines, they will be engaged in innovative thinking and problem solving, while analyzing the environmental and social issues of current and future generations.

Our Vision

We believe today’s young people are the future leaders, creators, and pathfinders. And that always drives us to work on every small detail. Subtle elements which will create an experience of a lifetime for our Mindcrafters. We believe that every Mindcrafter will be collaborative, contributing individuals of their nearby and worldwide communities with the habits of intellect essential to be successful in the 21st Century.

Your children are our children, and there is nothing more important to us than their well being. Join our academy for an experience of a lifetime!